The Priority of Website Security

Hacked WebsiteIf you run a business then you need to be serious about this topic. No scare tactics, no sales pitches. Just strap in and learn.

Hackers breaking into your own information is scary enough, but if hackers get a hold of your business information or worse, your customers’ information, it can spell game over for your company altogether. Cybercrime already reaps trillions of dollars annually, yes, that’s trillions with a T, and the more “connected” the world gets the danger only stands to grow larger. Check out our Website Security Infographic to easily learn HOW hackers do their dirty business. As for WHY they do it, the fact is most are after the easy, low-hanging fruit. Much like crime in the real world, criminals don’t waste their time and energy. Most prefer multiple quick payouts over long, drawn-out risks and high exposure. Who do they pick on? Whoever is in the way and didn’t bother locking their doors. It stands to reason that simple, low cost, proactive measures go a long way.

Now, there are some criminals that simply want to watch the world burn and are happy to quickly ruin your website and leave you scrambling in their wake. In these cases even minimal security works just fine when coupled with proper site backups. hackerWhen you picture a hacker, don’t think of them as some lonely reject living in a basement in the dark trying again and again to type in the right password to crack your site. A typical hacker knows what they’re doing and creates programs to hit as many sites as possible as quickly as possible, for whatever reasons they may choose. Those programs are hit and run. If the site is weak and unprotected, hit it. If it’s got a layer or two of security and malware protection that will throw roadblocks in its way, it’ll move onto the next target. If you’re a business that takes credit cards from customers on your site or if your site LEADS to places that do, stop kidding yourself. It’s not a matter of IF you’ll get hit, it’s a matter of WHEN. If your site is “merely informational,” there’s still a cost to having your site down and out. Your wallet, your reputation, your brand dependability are all effected. 

Getting serious about your view of cyber security now will potentially alleviate any worry of it down the road. Sure, you’ll need to revisit from time to time to make sure everything is up to snuff, but that’s the same with any wing of your business. Leave things stagnant and they’ll suffer. So, if you’re serious about web security and understand the need for a proactive defense, visit our Security Page and start taking the right steps to securing your site, your business, and your customers.